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We Need to Make Promotors…

We all need promotors!
Promotors are those raving fans who tell others about your product, service, ideas, culture, atmosphere, and about you and your team.

We make promotors by creating a culture of creativity and honor. This culture lends itself to produce an atmosphere in which you and your staff naturally focus on that which you are best in the world, and love everything about their role within your company.

This is that contagious entrepreneurial spirit which your customers, prospects, and even your competition catch and then become evangelists who talk about you and your company in a positive light AND then tell people to try your products. A strong indicator of this kind of culture is when people that have never used your services are your evangelists and raving fans!

I, personally, am a raving fan of Ryan Ruiz of Paylocity, Rick Irvine with West MI Tech Services, MudPenny (Restaurant and Catering), Rest Haven Homes (Christian Assisted Living), Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy, Bruce Waldecker with Olivier VanDyke Insurance Agency.

These people and organizations are different, they have that mindset and focus that draws you in and causes you to feel as if you are their only customer (although they each have many), and you get this from each of their staff members. Try them out for a first hand experience of that Spirit.

Leave a comment about your raving fans and any Small Businesses which you have had a great experience with their culture.


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